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Welcome to UMass Dartmouth Library Presentations Online. To promote and enhance the use of library collections and services, library staff working in close collaboration with the library'sPhotoGraphics and Library Systems & Digital Services divisions and with our colleagues in CITShave begun to develop a series of multimedia projects. These projects will be made available via the web in a variety of formats.

One Minute VideosLibraryMinute Videos 

(Renovations & Additions: We've just renovated the library and added a beautiful new addition. Now we have to renovate our LibraryMinute videos and add some new ones as well. Let's see what we come up with!)

Check them out, they're fun!



* Library MinuteVideos are part of a library project to enhance information literacy. Do you have an idea for an information literacy minute? Don't have an idea yet, but want to participate? Feedback on any or all of the minute movies? I would love to talk to you. Please contact me with ideas or just an interest at or 508-999-8865.

Library Instruction TutorialsLibrary Instruction Tutorials

   Tutorials and Assessment Units